Reaching Limni Keri Port just follow the street to the right in the following photo and this street will lead you to our villas !

If any other istruction is needed just contact us by phone and we will be there to help you ! 

Limni Keri

Limni Keri is a small village located about 19 km south-west from the town of Zakynthos (Zante), overlooking the deep blue of the Ionian sea. The small port at Limni Keriou can harbor small boats and is the best place for such boats in that area.
At Limni Keriou you may hire a boat to take you to Marathonissi, to Marathia and the Blue Caves.
Marathonissi is opposite Keri, a small island with lush vegetation, sandy beaches, beautiful sea-caves and crystal-clear, blue waters that will make you feel like youre in Paradise! The sandy beach at Marathonissi is one of the reproduction areas that the famous Caretta sea turtle uses to lay its eggs.
The small island is actually in the gulf of Laganas, also known as the National Marine Park.
The beautiful beach at Marathia, located near Limni Keriou, is a quiet beach that offers the perfect hide-away for those who wish to stay away from crowded beach.
The wonderful natural arches of Marathia have been sculpted by the sea, which has eaten away the rock slowly for millennia to form them.
The Mizithres, two huge white rocks under the lighthouse of Keri, are another of the natural wonders of the area. Beyond them, the sea gets rough for small boats.
Keri is a really fantastic place, where natural beauty matches perfectly the warmth of local hospitality, the green mountains blend with the blue sea and relaxation meets with absolute excitement!

Your visit to Keri will surely be remembered as a special experience!




  • Beach : 150m
  • Bus Stop : 500m
  • Medical Center : 10km
  • Mini Markets : 300m
  • Nearest Eatery : 200m
  • Nearest Shop : 300m
  • Pharmacy : 7km
  • Resort Centre : 200m
  • Agios Nikolaos Port : 40.2km
  • Airport : 16.3km
  • Dafni Beach : 29km
  • Gerakas Beach : 30.8km
  • Agios Sostis:9.4km
  • Kalamaki: 13km
  • Hospital : 16.3 km
  • Laganas : 10km
  • Main Ferry Port : 16.7km
  • Shipwreck : 36.3km
  • Zakynthos Town : 16km